We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.


The Green Ridge Volunteers responded to the 4300 blk of Pennell Rd for a fuel spill.  A/C M Evans 639C arrived on the scene with a 280 gallon tank leaking.  Crews from Green Ridge and Aston Beechwood quickly went to work securing the leak inside and out.  Crews used a Bobcat that was on scene to start diking the wooded area around the home.  The Incident Command system was set up at Command 72s vehicle.  Marcus Hooks Decon 32 and Air Unit was called in as well as Canteen 47.  Engine 66 & Engine 39 were called in to assist the County Haz Mat team also.  Also assisting on scene were DEP, Haz Mat, ATFM 1 & 1B. 1st & 11th District Fire Police, Township Code Enforcement and Aston Police.  Chief D Evans 639 had command, A/C M Evans had Operations, SO D McPartland had Safety while A/C J Lloyd 729A had Manpower.  During this call our cover company Rescue 45 responded to a second fuel spill in our local. Rescue 45 arrived on the scene of a construction vehicle leaking fuel. D/C J Albany 459A had the command of that scene.