We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.


Shortly after midnight the Green Ridge Volunteers were disptached to W.Briar Dr. in Lima’s first due for a building. Chief Grawl (699) arrived on location with a working bedroom fire. The crews from Truck 63 and Rescue 63 checked for extension and performed overhaul. Less than 5 minutes later the company was redispatched to W. Roland Rd for a building fire in Parkside’s first due area. A/C Kline (459B) arrived and reported fire behind the chimney extending up the exterior walls. Crews from  Engine 632 and Utility 63 assisted Tower 14 (Swarthmore) opening up the outside walls. At 200am Engine 632 and Rescue 63 responded to Aston Mills Rd. for a brush fire. Picture courtesy  K. Carr.