We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.

2020 Fire Fund Drive

The 2020 Fire Fund Drive mailer will be arriving to your home within the next week or two. If you would like to send your donation via mobile payment you can do so with either Paypal or Venmo. Please include “2020 Fire Fund Drive and your address” in the comments.

Paypal https://www.paypal.me/ATFD17

Venmo www.venmo.com/AstonTownship-FireDept

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

The Aston Township Fire Department would like to thank you for your support of our 2019 Fire Fund Drive. Through your generosity, we were able to continue to provide the same great emergency services that you have come to expect and deserve from your local Fire Department.

The Aston Township Fire Department provides Fire, Rescue and EMS services to the residents, businesses and visitors of Aston Township and our surrounding communities. Our Department is comprised of two (2) divisions, a Fire division and an EMS division. The Aston Township Fire Department solicits twice a year by mail, once in the spring for the Fire Fund Drive and once in the fall for the Ambulance Fund Drive.

We are writing to you once again to request your financial support for our Fire Division which is provided on a 100% volunteer basis. Please be assured that while current events may have interrupted our daily lives, the men and women of the Aston Township Fire Department continue to respond to all emergencies. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us physical, mentally and financially. Our members have been working continuously to learn new protocols, methods and practices and have implemented strict guidelines to ensure that every member is protected during this pandemic. These guidelines also ensure that in the event that we need to respond to an emergency you, your family and your friends will be protected as well.

During this time your donation to Aston Township Fire Department is needed more than ever. Due to the government issued restrictions, cancellations and closures during this pandemic it has placed a severe strain on our fund raising activities. With the possibility that this pandemic will have a long lasting effect, we will need to rely heavily on you and this Fund Drive to maintain the current level of emergency services and safety equipment. We want to thank the countless number of residents and businesses that have donated food, masks and cleaning supplies during this time leaving us one less thing to worry about.

If you can help, please make your checks payable to Aston Township Fire Department and include 2020 Fire Fund Drive and reference number in the memo line. All donations made to us are not only greatly appreciated but also tax deductible.

The Aston Township Fire Department hopes that you and your family have a safe and healthy 2020 and that you follow the CDC guidelines governing this pandemic.

Thank you for your continued support;

The Officers, Members and Staff of Aston Township Fire Department