We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.



Chief 17 and Deputy 17 are 2010 Tahoe's with command centers boxes for mobile Incident Command posts.


2010 Pierce Arrow XT

Engine 17 is a 2010 Pierce Arrow XT Pumper. The engine is equipped with a 6 man cab, a 1500gpm single stage Hale pump and 750 gallons of water. Engine 17 carries your basic Engine Company equipment, hoses ranging from 1" booster line up to 5" supply line. Various adapters, appliances and hand tools along with a thermal imaging camera and 4 gas detector, AED and basic first aid bag. Engine 17 responds first due to structure fires in our local, vehicle fires, wires, gas leaks, hazardous materials incidents, trash and brush fires.


2009 Spartan/ 4 Guys Rescue Pumper

Squad 17 is a2009 Spartan/ 4 Guys Rescue Pumper. Squad 17 is equipped with a 1500 GPM Rear Mounted Hale Pump with 500 gallons water tank, 8 man cab with SCBA Seating for 6. Squad 17 is equipped with 2 Holmatro Dual Core DUO pumps with connections to the front and rear, portable power unit, Holmatro Core Cutters, Spreaders, Mini cutter, Combi Tool and various rams.


2003 Pierce Dash Quint

Truck 17 is a 2003 Pierce Dash 105 foot ladder truck. Truck 17 is equipped with 6 man cab, 2000gpm Hale pump and 500 gallons of water. Its primary duties are that of a truck company but this apparatus can also function as an engine company if needed. The ladder carries a variety of ground ladders (1) 35’, (2) 24’, (2) 16’, (1) 20’, 10’ Attic ladder, Little Giant, ventilation fans, gas powered saws, forcible entry tools, gas meter, thermal imaging camera, ropes and other rescue equipment including for RIT and an AED. Truck 17 responds first due to mutual aid building fires, 2nd due to building fires in our local and on RIT.


2011 GMC Sierra 4x4 Pickup Truck

Utility 17 is a 2011 GMC Sierra 4x4 Pickup Trucks used to carry manpower and to tow Gator 17. Utility 17 is used for general miscellaneous purposes. It also responds first out to EMS assists in the snow and to pump outs.


2008 John Deere Gator XUV 850

Gator 17 was designed to provide access to patients in places where traditional means of transportation is not possible. It is outfitted with a slide in patient transport unit which allows a patient to be removed from a remote area while an EMS provider can still care for the patient. Gator 17 is typically used at the Sun Valley and Neumann athletic fields and the wood areas throughout Aston and neighboring towns.

Gator 17 is also capable of handling fire suppression duties in the same remote areas where typical fire apparatus cannot. The EMS unit quickly and easily slides out and a fire pump and tank fits in the bed.

Gator 17 is towed in 20’ enclosed trailer by Utility 17.