We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.


The Green Ridge Volunteers started of the day with a smoke detector activation on 4th Ave. The crew from Truck and Utility 63 found a faulty detector. Around lunch time the Truck was due again this time in 69s (Lima) area for a building fire at Riddle hospital. 69 command held it to the Middletown Township companies. After the crew had lunch the volunteers were dispatched to Rosalie and Duttons Mill Rd for the MVA with an active gas leak. The Rescues crew split and started patient care and evacuation of the store fronts. Engine 632 stretched a safety line until the gas company could secure the leak. To finish the day off the volunteers got a call from a homeowner for smoke in her home. 639 (Dave Evans Jr.) then called fire-board and had the street assignment dispatched to Bunting lane. Engine 632 landed first and found smoke in the basement, unable to find the source the crews used the T.I.C. to find an electrical fire. The source of the fire was from water from all the melting snow getting into all of the electric boxes and outlets in the basement. The power was secured by the electric company and the homeowner relocated for the night.