We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.


The Green Ridge Volunteers staffed the station today with 10 volunteers due to snow conditions.  The house responded to 5 emergencies before lunch. Engine 632 started the morning off at 720am with responded to Pennell Elementary school for an automatic fire alarm. The alarm was set off due to a faulty detector. Rescue 63 was next up responding to Knowlton Rd for lifting assistance at 851am. The crew assisted in removing a patient with a back injury from the second floor of a house. Truck 63 and Rescue 63 responded to the 900 blk of Tryens Rd for a commercial building fire at 933am. Rescue 63s crew found a faulty heater with a smoke condition on the inside of the building. On site staff started natural ventilation and Aston Beechwood command held the assignment to Rescue 63 & Rescue 72. Truck 63 and Engine 632 responded to the 1500 blk of Sickles Dr for a automatic fire alarm at 956am. The assignment was held to Tac 72 for the investigation. Then finally QRS 63 was dispatched for a semi conscious person in our local at 1141am.  The rest of the day was time for all our snow removal people to REST.