We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.


At 11pm Rescue Company 63 and Rescue and Ambulance Company 72 were being dispatched to Dutton Mills Rd and Mercer Place for an accident involving a police car. One car was reported to be on fire after it struck a home and one with entrapment. Chief D. Evans (639) arrived and confirmed he had one trapped police officer and another cruiser vs a dwelling. Rescue 63 crew placed a hand line in service and knocked down hot spots in the engine compartment.  The Rescue crew also began stabilization and extrication while Chief Evans requested 3 more ambulance’s to the scene to assist. Due to the high volume of police activity Chief Evans staged the rest of the assignment a block away. The scene was declared safe and a few units remained on scene for the traffic accident crew.  The company remained on the scene to assist the police with lights for 3 hours.    Thanks Robb for the pictures.