We are dedicated to the protection of the lives and property.


The Green Ridge Volunteers were dispatched to Concord & Pennell for a auto accident. While enroute the assignment was changed to a accident with entrapment and in the 5400 blk of Pennell. Chief Evans arrived on the scene with a van wedged between a guardrail and tree. Rescue 63s crew set up for a rescue operation and removed the windshield.  Rescue 72 stabilized the vehicle with struts. With removing the windshield it still wasn’t enough room to remove the patient. So Chief Evans Jr gain access to the patient with the help from FF T Jones 72. Chief Evans and Crozer paramedics removed the patient from the rear hatch. Medic 72 transported 1 patient. TIS 1 hr 09 mins manpower 24. Rescue 63 responded to the 2700 blk of Edgemont Ave 45s local for a building fire. A/C C Kline 459c arrived on the scene with an electrical problem and the assignment was held to Tac 45.  TIS 11 mins manpower 18.